Nottingham Trent University Student Reviews

One fascinating website offers students an opportunity to post their views on the university they attend. Nottingham Trent University has a large number of comments, some positive, some not so good. Common complaints are that the courses are over subscribed, the poor standard of accomodation offered in halls, and the poor standard of entertainment and especially gigs offered at the Student Union.

Below are some extracts from students postings.

“My ‘friends’ in halls had horrific experiences like being the only English person in an entire block… so they clearly dont consider mixing up anyone so you can easily be completely isolated. At best you can expect to get a ‘pod’ bathroom and study room not fit for a sub-marine in a soul-less building with soul-less people who are either anti-social or school bullies. Hideous. ”

“At Nottingham Trent you are no more than a number, an insignificant unit to make profit from – whether its via the terrible rip-off halls (of which there aren’t even enough for %60 1st years), the uni shops, the courses (over subscribed).”

“The finance department need to keep a record of tuition fees paid and unpaid. Accomodation need to keep a record of students living in halls and the timetabling department clashes with lectures and labs! ”

“For someone who doesnt drink this city SUCKS. For those who do its GREAT. It pretty much only has pubs and clubs and a cinema and shopping. Its very limited for interesting things to do. I discovered the whole city centre in under a day. ”

“There are plenty of societies to join, but again I found them to be pretty dull. ”

“Well I chose this course as a last minute change of heart. I was intending to go with the sensible option of an academic degree of History of Art at the University of Leeds, but decided in the end that my heart supposedly lay with the choice of photography. What a bad decision!!! The past year has felt like a waste of my time and a waste of my money. Ive had very few lectures who actually make me feel like i’m gaining anything from being there. Its killed my passion for the subject completely..”

To read more, both good and bad, follow the link below.


9 Responses to Nottingham Trent University Student Reviews

  1. Ian says:

    My time at Nottingham Trent has tought me absolutely nothign new. the Multimedia lecturers are lazy, unhelpful and pretty much only interested in getting you through your course with as little hassle as possible on thier part – and on top of that the end of the year show has to be funded by students, the graduation costumes hired by students and you even have to pay extra for people to attend. Its a university where money comes first, laziness second and students last.

  2. nottgirl says:

    Hi Ian,
    From reading students views on this university it certainly appears that some students have very valid criticism. However I think it is pretty standard for universities to charge for graduation costumes and for attendance.

    I do have some sympathy with lecturers as well. I think becuase students now pay tuition fees many expect value for money. In some student’s views this includes a high level of tuition support that has never been provided by lecturers.

  3. Some comments are stupid.

  4. Alex says:

    Ha, classic! I see you’ve quoted me in this article from a review I wrote of Nottingham Trent University (Cannot even remember the site it came from!). I was just reminiscing about how my time in Nottingham was the worst 3 years of my otherwise happy life. I remember living in bleak houses, with bleak people, attending a course just to get through it, and thinking ‘is this is?!, is this how university was supposed to be?!’ The answer is no, this is not how university should be, its just an example of stupid govournment taRGET-DRIVEn maddness (50% of people to higher education?!) and its epic failings. Apparently the master of Nottingham Trent uni was on 200k a year. That says it all.

  5. Becca says:

    I do not know where to start since there are so many faults with the establishment…In essence one of the worst experiences of my life, totally regret studying at NTU. The lectures and the course layout is appalling. I do not recommend any student with sense to waste their money on doing a course at NTU…All they care about is the money – no support whatsoever. Support and procedures are put in place but no lecturer ever acts on it. Their nothing but sly bunchh and only care about making sure you get through the course, they absolutely hate to be challenged, never fall for their bullshit. One of the most disorganised establishment from the Law department, to the Journalism sector.

  6. Janet says:

    The real scandal is NTU’s abandonment of any academic rigour with certain overseas students provided they stump up the cash.

  7. Hannah says:

    Moan moan moan, I’ve had a great time at this uni and so has everyone else i know!

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