Whistleblower at Nottingham Hospital

A nurse at Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust has exposed the poor hygiene standards. The nurse ‘sally’ works at both Queens Medical Centre and the City Hospital.

“At Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre the situation is far worse than its sister hospital, Nottingham City Hospital, just three miles away.. Often I am instructed by doctors and senior nursing staff to tell patients there is no bed because of “overcrowding” or “a lot of beds have been taken by A&E admissions caused by accidents”.  Sometimes it’s true but most of the time it’s just a lie to explain away staff shortages, and outbreaks of Superbug infections..

I have seen patients die as a result of Superbug infections..The QMC was supposed to be cleaned up in the government’s “Deep Clean” operation but it has not been undertaken and will not be now the word is from upstairs..

At the QMC aound 30 cleaners were sacked over a year ago at a time when we didn’t even have enough”

She also talks about one particular patient in her late sixties who was admitted for a simple surgical procedure. She contracted MRSA and died three weeks later. The nurse, Sally then alleges

“that’s not what the Consultant..told her family…they said she had developed pneumonia and renal failure..and done all they could which was also a lie. In the first instance this patient should have been isolated from the other patients but she was simply left on the same ward with 5 other patients..”

I am unsure when this account was actually written, but it appears to have been written some time in 2008. To read the full story follow the link below.



4 Responses to Whistleblower at Nottingham Hospital

  1. Jenny says:

    I think that most of this is just stupid. All hospitals in the country have a massive shortage of staff, maybe this student was not aware of the overwhelming debt the NHS is in. Im sure if she was willing to pay the cleaners salary, they would be there. The fact is there is only so much money and you do the best with what you have. Dont expect it to be different in any other NHS hospital. Its nothing to do with nottingham. As for the Doctor lying, that is a terrible thing to do, but i also feel this can not be used to say nottingham is bad. This individual is obviously more worried about him self than doing his job and his selfishness is something hes probablly always had (not just since working in nottingham). I think if you asked most people in hospitals, or infact any job, that everywhere you get jerks working. Its a fact of life. This article focuses to heavily on Nottingham, instead of flaws that run throughout the NHS

  2. nottgirl says:

    This article focusses on Nottingham as the whole blog is about Nottingham. Although it is true that many hospitals in the NHS have similar problems, I was particularly interested in this nurses perspective about the differences between Queens Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital.

    Although there are great staff at both hospitals, my own experience and many of those I have spoken to about this, is that Nottingham City Hospital is generally much cleaner, offers better nursing care and has a more caring approach.

    For example, in my previous job I had lots of contact with mothers of young children. Pregnant woman with complications or pre-existing medical conditions are more likely to be seen at Queens, whilst straightforward pregnancies are more likely to be dealt with by City.

    Although mothers generally were very happy with the quality of the medical care at Queens, they often complained about a brusque attitude from staff, lack of cleanliness and a lack of ‘caring’.

    In terms of the lack of money for the NHS, obviously there is a limited pot of money and not everything can be funded. However, and here Central Government is to blame, I find myself increasingly frustrated at the ways NHS money is wasted in many Government initiatives. So although there may be a lack of funding for cleaners at a local level; I think this is an issue that could be easily addressed at National level within existing budgets.

  3. vickie says:

    i would just like to say my mum was in there in 2008, she died from MRSA, but i cant prove that, because there has been some sort of cover up, the nurse that was in charge of my mum is the most disgusting woman i have ever come across, my mum was bleeding to death and she just said 2 here look val just tell your daughter your ok, i herd her on the phone, the way i found out that my mum had died was by this nurse, this is what she said, i phoned up to ask where my mum would go when she came out of surgery, as she had to go for emergency surgery on the day she was 2 be discharged, any way they had left her to bleed for to long, and she died, but it was all down to the mrsa that had made her ateries go soggy, then when they rubbed together it formed a hole, witch formed a fistula, and a massive bleed out, nyway, i phoned up to ask if she would go back on to the ward or back to intensive care, and thats how i asked her, this nurse said to me, have you spoke to the dr, i said yes earlyier, she said, you will be going to the motuary then, shes a nasty peice of work, she didnt like me, and she told me i had no rights to no what was going on when i phoned up in the past, i disputed this, and then she must of gone and had a go at my mum, cause when i spoke to my mum later she said to me, dnt be funny with that nurse cause she will come and take it out n me, i made a complaint about her, but didnt get me any where, they got away with it all, its so not right, i lost my mum because of them :((

  4. m says:

    I hate qmc all they do cover there backs the doc s are rude and have no clue about people they would be better off working in a zoo

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