Axeman and other Nottingham characters

The Left Lion Nottingham blogger wrote about the 10 Nottingham characters he would like to interview. Extracts from this posting are below.

“1. Axeman:  With the departure of Xylophone Man still hanging over us, this man is the reigning champ of local heroes, no question. I first met him in 1980, where he used to terrify teeny-Mods outside Pendulum Records in Viccy Market with tales of his Hells Angels chapter and what they got up to at the Sal on Friday nights

(Obviously, if we hadn’t been such thick twats, we would have wondered what a Hells Angel was doing outside Pendulum Records on a Saturday afternoon, instead of drinking blood and raping goats for Satan, but there you go). 27 years later and he’s still got that Wonder Woman headband on, even though he’s got a gammy leg these days and needs a stick…

3. Steve Green: Question One: Why did you disband the drug squad in Notts so you could spent the money on combating burglaries, when everyone knows that a scary percentage of kids break into houses to feed addictions? Question Two: Why were you always on telly two years ago banging on about how horrible Nottingham was? Question Three: Who told you to shut up..

6. Ebby the Mad German Forest Supporter: I’ve mentioned him earlier, but it bears repeating; German accountant from Dusseldorf decides to borrow cash off his Dad to see Liverpool v Forest at Anfield in 1978, pays a Scouse tout £120(!) for a ticket, falls in love with Forest, and commutes to England every weekend during the season since.

He goes to all the games – home and awayand then has his Sunday dinner at the Variety, does the strippers-and-bingo thing, and then flies home. If you’re a Forest fan, you either love him or hate him. That’s a story, people…

9. SNEINTON ELVIS: I’ve heard about this bloke, but am convinced that someone is taking the piss. Can anyone help?”

Follow the link below to read more.


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