Blogger Stuart Frew

I came across another Nottingham blogger Stuart Frew. He posts about things that interest him, and this doesn’t just include Nottingham. However there are some interesting old postings about Nottingham. Some extracts from these are below.

“there was also a shot fired on North Sherwood Street in the city centre. The street is no backwater but very much a student area and close to a main thoroughfare into the city”

“Another point touched upon in the reading for the research was how it was potentially affecting the two local Universities, to the point that the Dean of University of Nottingham felt it necessary to publish a full report backed with facts and figures about Nottingham not deserving it’s crime-ridden reputation. ”

“Around a year ago I did a piece of psychological research into perceptions about the city with interviews with six people who lived locally. During that research the crime figures when viewed closely clearly indicated that Nottingham was not being compared like-for-like with contemporary cities such as Leeds for instance.”

Follow the link below to read more.


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