Teen ‘guilty’ of killing Shaun Lobb

A dreadful assault left a man dead.

“A TEENAGER has been found guilty of the manslaughter of dad-of-two Shaun Lobb. A jury took three hours to convict 18-year-old Scott Hatherley.

Two other men, Craig MacGregor and Liam Perry had already admitted to killing Mr Lobb. Mr Lobb died in Queen’s Medical Centre nine days after being attacked by the trio on October 10 last year.

He had been walking along Victoria Street, Netherfield, when he was set upon. Click here!MacGregor, 18, of no fixed address, got out of a car and confronted Mr Lobb before punching him to the face.

Hatherley was seen on CCTV cycling around the pair. He began to cycle away but then returned, getting off his bike and joining in the attack. He had denied manslaughter, claiming he was acting as peace-maker.

Perry, 19, of Pinewood Gardens, Clifton, then joined in, punching Mr Lobb, who then fell to the floor. The 40-year-old, of Carlton, smashed his head on the pavement. He died from brain injuries.

Judge Pert remanded Hatherley in custody. The trio will be sentenced on November 21.”

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One Response to Teen ‘guilty’ of killing Shaun Lobb

  1. john smith says:

    i used to be friends with the named **scott**, i moved away from the area of nottz years ago and it doesnt suprise me what he has done, he was always one for following lead. just for the record i am nothing like that t**t. he deserves everything he gets in prision and he needs more than a slap from his fellow flatmates while he is there. you kill and you deserve to be killed no matter what

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