Bad Review for Homemade Cafe

A bad review for the cafe Homemade in Pelham Street.
“The single worst coffee I’ve ever paid for, and I’ve had some really bad coffees in my time…
Took staff roughly 20 mins to make 3 coffees, got the order wrong, and the coffees themselves were of unacceptable quality. Very friendly service, sadly does not make up for a complete inability to work a commercial espresso machine.

No experience of the food so I cannot comment, but I’ve been in a few times when it was busy and witnessed a complete lack of organisation and/or professionalism – ended up walking out after about 10 minutes waiting.”

The original review can be found by following the link below.

3 Responses to Bad Review for Homemade Cafe

  1. Josephine says:

    I frequent this cafe and know that they have recruited new staff recently so the person who made you coffee was probably still learning – everyone has to learn somewhere – if you had just explained this at thetime rather than leave such a scathing comment you would have been better stisfied. – it is a small independent cafe so sometimes there is a wait – this is because the food is amazing so the establishment is always busy. I would suggest you try again and try the food so you can actually leave a worth while comment – their cakes are amazing and the staff are now organised (after a recent restaff) and have always been friendly. The owner I know to be extremely passionate about her shop, fod and customers and I would imagine that all critism and comments are much appreciated if raised when she can deal with them – not this underhand approach.
    I encourage everyone to try Homemade and suppot local independent places who use local ingredience and deliver great food with good friendly customer service.
    As far as I’m concerned Homemade could never put a foot wrong and is my favourite place to go – Try the homemade Brownies or the Breakfast (the works) are great for hangovers.


  2. nottgirl says:

    I haven’t personally been to this cafe Josephine, so I can’t comment on whether the review above was accurate or not. I will try and get there next time I am in town to try it out for myself.

  3. Bolanka says:

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