Poor care at QMC following miscarriage

A sad posting from someone who received poor care at the Queens Medical Centre following a miscarriage.

“I have sadly suffered two Missed Miscarriages…I went to the ward at 7am in the morning. I was distressed and scared and left to sit in a waiting room with people waiting for different procedures.

I was thankfully given a sedative and a bed after awhile ..I eventually went to theatre at around 3pm and by this time I was in a great deal of distress. At no point did anyone come to talk to me about how I was feeling and my fears.

When I got to theatre there was an argument between two anaesthetists, and two other staff were laughing and joking about something. Everyone ignored me while I cried. I couldn’t breathe very well, so they just shoved the mask over my face and put me to sleep.

Later, I returned back to the same ward where as I recovered, a family with 2 small children made lots of noise. The children broke some toys and were crying a lot, eventually my husband said something to them as he was getting cross but they carried on. I eventually went home at 7pm at night – the broken toys left outside the ward door. I was offered no advice, counseling or follow-up.

I went to see my GP about 2 weeks later. He didn’t even know I’d had the miscarriage and I had to explain every thing to him.”

Follow the link below to read the complete posting.



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