Poor Care at Nottingham City Hospital

Below are two very negative reviews of Nottingham City Hospital.

“On my last night i was transferred to Gillies ward and what can i say it was disgracefull compared to the previous 2 wards.I was left in a side room all on my own,my 4 hrly obs were not completed once. No one came to me except when i was crying and i slept in my clothes!!

no one even asked if i had nightwear.I could not wait to get out of that ward,dont the staff care??!!!!disgraceful all of them except the sister wo was nice.”

“I was recently admitted to QMC A&E Department and had to stay in for two nights. I was placed on ward B3 and in view of all the Infection Control drives which have been occurring over the past year or so I was quite shocked to find the state of the toilets / bathrooms on the ward.

There were only 3 to server quite a large ward (one which was out of order anyway) and of the two remaining toilets, they were both filthy! It has played on my mind for the past few weeks and I just feel the need to tell someone.

Everything in them was dirty. The toilet & seat, sink, taps, bins (which were also overflowing several times with allsorts of towels / nappies / sanitryware etc!), the floor, mirrors, walls – it was awful! Much of it was fresh ‘daily dirt’ and also much of it was ingrained dirt which ‘could’ have easily been cleaned.”

Follow the link below to read these and other reviews.



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