Radford is Crime Hotspot

On the indymedia website there are some comments about Radford where one person has argued Radford is a nice place to live. Below is one of the responses to this comment.

“During the few months that I lived there, a woman was shot, the local shop was robbed and trashed so many times that the owners gave up, a man kept approaching me in the street for sex, windows kept being broken, teenagers kept threatening and harassing people, and practically anything that wasn’t chained down or locked away got stolen.

I think it is fair enough to say that the area is a crime hotspot, blighted by drugs and money-motivated student landlords..”

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5 Responses to Radford is Crime Hotspot

  1. wiganpier says:

    Depends what you call a hotspot and what you call crime. True, Radford has its fair share of crime but not any more than the city centre (in fact less…) and comparable with Bulwell, Broxtowe, Bestwood, St Ann’s, The Meadows and similar ‘disadvantaged areas’. And some of the ‘crime’ consists of groups of young people hanging about and doing nothing wrong at all.

    The problem with always running down an area like Radford is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People don’t go there because of the fear of crime and less people means more chance that the few who do pass through (or continue to live there) are more likely to witness or be the victims of crime… setting up an obvious viscious circle.

    What we need is to focus on Radford’s good points and to try to encourage more people to go there. That’s the way to force out the criminals.

  2. nottgirl says:

    Thanks for the comment although I don’t agree with you. I do agree that Radford is no worse than some other disadavantaged areas in the City. And I have regularly been in Radford during the day time and felt quite safe, although I have seen drug dealing and prostitutes looking for business.

    However if you talk to people who live in Radford, many will have experienced or witnessed crime. Simply having people passing through doesn’t I think play a significant part in reducing some types of crime and certainly won’t force out criminals from the area.

    Radford has for many years been an area where street drug dealing and prostitution happens. It is also an area with a larger than usual number of hostels and a transient population. Both these factors have an impact on the crime level in the area.

    Simply talking up an area will have no or little impact on these issues.

    However crime has reduced in some parts of Radford over the last few years. I would argue this is in part because of gentrification in parts of Radford close to the City Centre and Canning Circus.

    I would argue that rising house prices and the City Council policy to encourage developers to build purpose built student accommodation have led to gentrification and the corresponding drop in some types of crime.

    I agree that some people will feel threatened by young people just hanging about. However the original posting refers to groups of young people threatening and harassing passer bys. This may not be a crime that the police would be interested in, but it will understandably make some people feel very frightened.

    Your comment about it “depends what you call crime” is insulting. To only see more major crimes as important shows a complete lack of understanding of how low level but continous crime impacts on people’s lives. Being burgled once is very upsetting and for some individuals such as very elderly people can be traumatic. However for many people, once they have got over the initial shock, they are able to get on with their lives as normal.

    However to live in an area where every day you are targeted or affected by low level crime can devastate peopele’s lives.

    Imagine every time you go out of the house having abuse or threats shouted at you. Every week having your car broken into or damaged. Every week having your property vandalised or windows broken. I have friends who have experienced this and I have seen just how stressful it is.

    So please don’t dismiss this type of ongoing low level crime.

  3. rubixrubix says:

    I’m sorry that you seem to have such a blurred view of living in Radford.

    I have lived in Radford for nearly 6 years now, and I have not once had a problem. Granted, I live in a very nice flat complex just off Alfreton Road, however I regularly walk home from town at all hours and nip to the shops along Alfreton Road.

    I understand that some people have problems in the areas they live, however a constant deluge of negativity is not going help the matters. You stated that “Simply talking up an area will have no or little impact on these issues” and I hate to use your own words against you but talking down these areas won’t help the matter either!

    From what I have read of your vendetta against Radford and Nottingham, I take it you don’t actually live in Radford? Maybe in order to get a real view of the area, rather than using hearsay to base your opinions upon, you should come and live here? I’m sure I could persuade you that Radford is a perfectly good, inner city area to live in.

    Personally, I love Nottingham and Radford in particular and I have a passion to see the area become a safe and pleasant community. The way I am doing that is to get stuck in, get to know the people who live around me and see how I can support the people and the community. Being on first name terms with the drunks and homeless is no bad thing, you might just make their day by saying hi or offering them a sarnie!

    I do hope that you will come to realise that Nottingham is a fantastic place to live, and that a lot of people have a damn sight harder time than you do!

  4. nottgirl says:

    No I don’t live in Radford, although I have lived in other areas of the City commonly seen as rough areas. I know some people love Radford and choose to live there.

    However I do know people who live in Radford who have experienced ongoing crime. Clifford Street for example is a street where there has been for years open drug dealing on the streets that attracts dodgy types from across the City. Similarly the fried chicken take away has been a focus for disturbances and some serious assualts for many years.

    I have said in my comment above that parts of Radford have become gentrified and this has had a positive effect on crime in these streets. However there are still parts of Radford where there are real problems.

    Again as I said in my comment above, part of the problem is that Radford has an unusually high number of hostels – for example for people who have had drug and alcohol problems. It is also an area where many single people tend to be rehoused when they come out of prison. This all has an effect on the area.

    I actually like Nottingham and choose to live here. But I started this blog because I am frustrated at the automatic reaction by many decision makers to any criticism of Nottingham. This seems to be to defend Nottingham and criticise those who make any criticims rather than tackling the real issues that exist here.

    I have sat in too many meetings with City Council Officers, senior Councillors and other partners such as the police where the focus has been on defending the city from negative criticism rather than improving things.

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