Poor leadership from Nottingham City Council

I came across another blogger who decries the waste of money by Nottingham City Council.

“So Nottingham City Council has decided to drop the slanty ‘N’ logo at last. Only wasted £120,00 of taxpayers money on this one. Not bad by their standards.

Very little mention in the news coverage that the average man and woman in the street (and even staff from Experience Nottingham; keepers of the ‘N’) were opposed to the logo in the first place and that it was only supported by pretentious, posing publicists in pursuit of their own public profile as much as that of the city or county.

But this is only the latest in a long line of City Council chicanery, blunders, poor leadership and financial mismanagement.

  • Three chief executives in six years; five by the time Jane Todd has gone and the new fall-guy is appointed… with an enormous bill to the taxpayer for the outgoing bosses.
  • £42m invested in a dodgy Icelandic bank that they were warned about.
  • Another £1m required for the Market Square and yet another £1m for the Nottingham Contemporary Art Centre.
  • Chase Neighbourhood Centre in St Anns closing amid allegations of financial mismanagement and corruption (did the City really not know what was going on?)
  • NDC in Radford being taken over by stealth by the City.”

Follow the link below to read more.



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