Bullying and rude bus drivers

I came across two people complaining about the bus drivers on Nottingham City Transport. One is a serious issue about the way some bus drivers treat people with learning disabilities. Although I have never witnessed this, I have witnessed a driver being very rude to a woman in a wheelchair – and yes I did challenge him.

” I attended a meeting recently with a load of learning disabled young people and one of the biggest barriers they have to leading a more independent life are the NCT bus drivers.  Many don’t stop for them, or are rude when they get on.  And, the drivers don’t do anything about the bullying that a lot of the LD yp get from other passengers..

It’s got to the stage where NCT are having to run ‘familiarisation days’ with LD people and the drivers so they can learn more about each other”

“‘Ive had it.. Every morning I do my best to start the day with a spring in my step and a smaile, and i’m confronted with these miserable bastards…

Not many people enjoy their job, but it doesn;t give you the excuse to be as fucking miserable and unfriendly as these lot. If it was one or two then I could cope, but it seems to be 90% of them…

A friend of mine worked at Trent Barton and said that if you get two complaints from customers abdout your manners, etc then you get the boot. Maybe its time NCT looked at this.”

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6 Responses to Bullying and rude bus drivers

  1. Robin says:

    Bus drivers in Nottingham – don’t get me started!

    They often recklessly drive – indeed accelerate towards -pedestrians crossing the roads. At the useless and dangerously confusing and annoying traffic lights outside the Victoria centre – at both the main and side entrances now – it is just a short matter of time before a bus driver kills someone.

    I’ve never seen anything like it…anywhere. Mind you do you know any bus drivers…the couple that I know are nasty and dim people? One of them (married) has just been sacked because she was found by the inspectors to be having sex on the back seat when she should have been on-route. These people are paid miserably low money – “pay peanuts get monkeys.” Of course they can’t all be bad – but our daily experience shows us that many of them are. When they do kill a poor pedestrian – please highlight it under “the we told you so” banner! Bus drivers in Nottingham are a death waiting to happen!

  2. Karol Grzywaczewski says:

    Hello ! I am a bus driver from 9 years and my driving its different. In Poland this kind of behaviors are the reasons to dismiss someone. Yes in Poland ! Just last year and I received 2 safety driving diploma from Birmingham council. My licence is clear. But I know that some passangers don’t like my because I’m not English. Whatever I my do I’m always wrong because I’m not English. I live in U.K. and I do everything according to law. The some passangers are smoking on the buses in Birmingham and when I’m trying to solve this problem (cancer can kill my or passangers) my reward is always the same – F…cking Polish ! Comeback to your f…cking country! So very nice…
    As christian I just say “thank you”. This job is realy hard and stressful.
    Sometime the time table is unsutable to passangers needs and traffic reality so drivers can drive fast etc. We need a rest at the terminus… I’m always kind even if I must say something as commandment. Hard but with good standard.My favorite passangers are old and wick. By help I can show them love of God. But by a good it’s always my daily challange. I wish you to have someone like my as bus driver in your city ! God Bless You ! Karol (eng.ver. Charles ).

  3. Karol Grzywaczewski says:

    I’m sorry for “by good”… Be – of course !


  4. nottgirl says:

    Hi Karol,
    I know bus driving is a difficult stressful job – my dad was a bus driver. I travel by bus to work every day and come across some great friendly helpful bus drivers. However this blog only highlights the negative side of Nottingham and unfortunately there are some bus drivers that are rude and unhelpful.

    I’m sorry to hear that some passengers are so rude to you. Some people are just very rude, horrible people. These people are rude and nasty to any bus driver where they think they can get away with it i.e. they are not scared about being hit by the driver.

    I’m sure your old and weak passengers appreciate you. Good luck.

  5. Mark Muldoon says:

    A friend who visits me in Nottingham refers to the city as ‘home of the world’s friendliest bus drivers’.

    This post did surprise me, NCT drivers, whilst not all cheery types, are a half-decent lot I reckon.

    I got on a NCT bus just last week and the kind driver said ‘there’s seats left upstairs’, which was a tiny but nice touch on her part.

  6. nottgirl says:

    I used to live in London and I was really surprised when I moved to Nottingham to find out how friendly many of the bus drivers are. As I said I travel by bus every day, and there are a small number who are unfriendly and sometimes rude to passengers.

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