You are being ripped off (if you catch a bus)

An interesting post below about Nottingham City Transport and its no change policy.

“I have always had an issue with Nottingham City Transport not giving change on their buses, as I often had to pay more than the fare, having no change. Some years ago, I was lodging at the home of a high ranking employee of NCT who informed me of a way to get my hard-earned cash back.

It appears that NCT legally has to be able to provide change to its customers or it cannot operate as a bus company! So you say to yourself, how are they operating when they obviously do not give change on thier buses? Well, it’s simple, it is called an Excess Fare Slip, which can be written out by a driver for you to take to the cash office in the Market Square.

There, you can redeem the value of your overpaid fare and so claim YOUR hard earned cash back. This unknown right that all Nottingham’s citizens have is largely unspoken of as NCT apparently has no intention of letting the public know about this.

This I can only imagine is due to financial reasons… think of all the journeys where people pay extra, that’s one hell of a lot of money! Where does it go? Community groups? Charity? No, of course not, it goes to the bus company. Ignorance is bliss in the case of this greedy, selfish, self-serving company who does not care for its customers and implicitly rips them off.

Next time you overpay, be sure to demand that the driver write out an Excess Fare Slip. It is your legal right. If enough of us do this, perhaps NCT will have to review its sorry “Sorry, no change” policy.”


To read the original posting follow the link below.


8 Responses to You are being ripped off (if you catch a bus)

  1. Nick B. says:

    Have you actually bothered to read their Conditions of Carriage?

    See paragraphs 35,36 and 37!

  2. nottgirl says:

    No I haven’t Nick. Thanks for the link it does say clearly they have to issue an Excess Fair Slip. I wish I had known this in the past. I now have a monthly easyrider ticket, but when I used to pay individual fares on the bus, there were a number of occasions when I had no change. I did not know I could reclaim this overpayment.

  3. El Struthio says:

    @Nick – does anyone actually bother to read bus company’s T&Cs

    Yes they may may mention Excess Fare slips deep within their terms – the point is they don’t actively promote it or even offer it if you do overpay.

  4. nottgirl says:

    I agree with you El Struthio. I know I have never looked at any company’s T&C’s. You just assume, wrongly in this case, that all the major conditions are publicly advertised – and the Excess Fair Slip is a major condition for many bus users.

  5. Dominic says:

    I for one quite like the policy of not giving change – it speeds up the process of boarding on the bus immensely. Using buses in other cities and having people spend ages rooting around in their pockets before waiting to get change really pisses me off. In Nottm people get their change ready and just shove it in the thingy. I know, it’s annoying to have to pay over (happened to me once or twice before I got my bus pass), but I think it’s worth it to shave a couple of minutes off every journey.

  6. nottgirl says:

    It does make it quicker when there are people in front of you who are used to travelling that route and thus know the fare. However it is much slower when you have someone in front of you who doesn’t know the fare and thus spends several minutes rooting around for the correct change.

  7. thomas says:

    how can you say nct are greedy do you have any idea of how much money they put into getting new buses for your routes and its masses of amounts its just ungreatful! and its your responcibility to have correct change and you dont know when access fair slips are to issued and if they were given out so much then it would slow your journeys down and you’d all say that the service is always late if you can do it better then you get in there and do it how you want and especially see how you last and cope.

  8. thomas says:

    if nottingham is so crap then why dont you do everyone a big favor and putting it nicely get lost.

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