£200,000 deal to go… and now he is back

Details below of a staff member who after being made redundant by the City Council was promptly employed as a consultant by the City Council. As someone who used to work for the City Council this story doesn’t surprise me one bit.

“A CITY council officer who received a package worth £200,000 when he left the authority last month is now back as a consultant…

A council statement said: “Tim Render is advising the council on some specific work projects.”

Mr Render, who was director of finance, received a pay-off of £100,000 and pension contributions of up to £110,000. He was made redundant after the council’s finance department was reorganised.

Liberal Democrat councillor Tony Sutton said: “It is disturbing that someone who was paid off only a few weeks ago is now back. I can’t understand why they will not reveal what they are paying him. Are they embarrassed?”

..The controversy comes after the departure of deputy chief executive Adrienne Roberts in July, whose package cost council tax payers £500,000.”

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One Response to £200,000 deal to go… and now he is back

  1. Robin says:

    And I bet they go on and on about hating chavs and scum and thieves. But these people are in factno better than organised criminals. That is theft of £200,000 from the public. No wonder so many people n Nottingham have no respect for authority.

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