Comfort Hotel

Below are extracts from 6 reviews of this hotel. Certainly doesn’t sound as if it lives up to its name.

“The hotel was really run down wallpaper falling off the walls, food on the floor. The hotel had a really bad smell about it. the lift was a really sour dirty smell. the rooms that were shown on the site were certainly not those of the hotel i was staying in.had i being there on a leisure break rather than business i would have changed hotels immediately. the breakfast was adequate,”

“the heating going off during the day in our room”

“The hotel is in need of refurbishment, corridors, stairways and lifts are shabby and the whole place has little charm. Although the room was no-smoking, it smelled of cigarette smoke. Bathroom not very clean, door stuck, needs easing”

“It was dirty, run down, noisey – in the middle of bars, the hotel bar shut at 11, so we couldnt get a quiet drink, it was difficult to find, the showers were rubbish, the bathrooms outdated, the doorway of our room was raised and covered it hazzard tape, but would be a problem in an emergency!”

“Shower was disgusting. Rust and black on shower head. Mould on tiles/ grouting. All floorboard and corridor doors squeaked. Didn’t like that you had to pay even before you had seen your room. Most hotels take credid card details but then you settle up before you leave but with this hotel you had to pay everything up front.”

“No cold water in the shower… Bathrooms were dank and horrible.”

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