Men ‘boasted’ about raping colleague before he died

Below is a deeply depressing story of a brutal murder.

“TWO men accused of murdering a co-worker boasted that they had raped him in the days before his death, a court heard.

Giving evidence at Nottingham Crown Court, Roman Ksiazek said Tomasz Rusinski and Krzysztof Zeimowicz had told him and another co-worker that they had raped Leszek Milon.

Mr Milon was found dead at his flat in Radford Road, Hyson Green, on January 19. Rusinski, 36, Zeimowicz, 38, and Tomasz Karbowski, 33, all deny murdering him.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that in the days leading up to Mr Milon’s death Mr Ksiazek had seen Mr Milon with injuries to the right side of his face. He said: “He didn’t have a right eye.”Mr Ksiazek said Karbowski had told him that the two other men had kicked Mr Milon. Telling the jury what Karbowski had told him, Mr Ksiazek said: “He was lying on the floor and they were kicking him on the head like he was a football. One standing on each side.”

Mr Ksiazek said he had told the two men not to beat up Mr Milon and added: “The next day I told them, do not beat him up because you will have problems, you will be locked up, and they beat him up again.”

Follow the link below to read the original story.


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