Workplace Parking Levy

Bioscience has complained vigorously about the proposed workplace parking levy the City Council are introducing.

“A COMPANY says it will consider relocating away from Nottingham if the proposed Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) gets the go-ahead.

Source BioScience, based in the Nottingham Business Park, close to Junction 26 of the M1, says that a lack of viable alternative public transport will mean the city council’s levy will have an adverse affect on its ability to recruit new members of staff.

It has lobbied the city council, Nottingham North MP Graham Allen and Geoff Hoon, Minister for Transport, saying the scheme is “inherently flawed” and the tax is unfair because it encompasses the business park, which is on the outskirts of Nottingham, closer to the M1 than the city.”

Follow the link below to read the full story.


2 Responses to Workplace Parking Levy

  1. Robin says:

    While not wanting to promote conspiracy theories – don’t you think it a HUGE coincidence that Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital has closed down its multi-story car park because it has suddenly decided the structure of it is unsafe? Now patients get to use what was previously staff parking.

    I wonder how many other employers in Nottingham are finding structural and other health and safety problems with their staff car parks in the past year?

  2. nottgirl says:

    Not sure I agree with your conspiracy theory. I suspect managers at Queens have had a very hard time from staff who can no longer park there.

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