Schoolgirl’s life made a misery by bullies

I was sorry to read the story below about bullying at Ellis Guildford School.

“A 12-YEAR-OLD girl says she does not want to go to school because she is being bullied. The girl, who has not been named for fear of reprisals, says her life is being made a misery by the bullies.

She and her mum say Ellis Guilford Comprehensive School hasn’t stopped the problems despite numerous complaints.

The girl said she had regularly returned home with bruises after being hit by fellow pupils. “It was happening almost as soon as I started the school,” said the 12-year-old from Broxtowe.”I get called names like ‘tramp’ and they are calling my family names as well. It was happening at break time and after school. It has sometimes happened in lessons as well.”

She moved to the school in Basford in September after moving up from primary school. But she said she had had so much trouble, she no longer wanted to go there.

“Every morning I go there thinking how much I want to be somewhere else,” she said…They are getting the older kids to do it as well now. I’ve been pushed down hills by them.”

Follow the link below to read more.

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