Brutal regime ruled the roost as cocaine took a hold on the city

“A new book on organised crime in Notts gives a harrowing account of the savage rule of Colin Gunn and his Bestwood gang. The author of Hoods, CARL FELLSTROM , says the brutality he uncovered shocked him..

Three of the biggest players – Colin Gunn, Gary Hardy and John Dawes – are now beginning lengthy jail sentences…

Fellstrom was a freelance journalist when crime in Nottingham went off the scale between 2002 and 2004. Gang shootings were commonplace, and murder rates soared…

There were 55 non-fatal shootings in one year, all of which were attributed to the Bestwood Cartel. That is how Nottingham got its reputation for gun crime…

“A former police officer who knew the Bestwood Cartel well told me of one instance where a man suspected of grassing them up was taken to a remote area, where his hand was nailed to a wooden bench. He was then saturated in petrol while Colin Gunn tormented him with the promise of a naked flame. When the police found the victim he was barely able to speak his own name, let alone name his attackers.

“But somehow, under Colin Gunn’s leadership, the Bestwood Cartel was allowed to perpetuate a Robin Hood image on the Bestwood estate…

“What happened in Bestwood was police stopped patrolling the area in terms of being on foot and visibility went down to zero. They lost the streets of Bestwood.”

Follow the link below to read the full article.


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