Free parking for Christmas shopping

Nottingham City Council have announced that they will provide free parking for shoppers at Trinity Square, Broadmarsh and Flethergate car parks for 3 evenings.

“The authority said it hoped the move would help people during the economic downturn and help boost businesses facing a difficult Christmas trading period.”

On the Nottingham Evening Post website there are many unhappy people who have posted comments in response to this article. Some of these are reproduced below.

“Have councillors cottoned on to the fact that the tram is severely limited when people have to lug heavy items across Nottingham, then get them from the tram to their vehicles. Great if you’re older, elderly, or disabled.”

“The council are obviously getting grief from the rate paying shop owners in Nottingham, and about time too. We have let these morons at the city council destroy our city with their anti car dictatorship.”

Ha Ha. NCC, the enemy of the car, the ecco friendly council, the congestion busters, until it costs them money. Now, drive into town for nothing! Green tax con exposed, I think.”

The Labour party have spent years persecuting the motorist and forcing them out of the City, now they offer an amnesty and try to encourage them back in. Having wrecked the City economy in the first place, they now try to recover it! “

Follow the link below to read more.


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