Hoods – Nottingham crime and the Gunn family

The Nottingham Evening Post has been publishing extracts from a new book Hoods detailing the crime carried out by two the Gunn family and associated criminals.

“A National Crime Squad investigation revealed links between large-scale drugs shipments flowing from Spain, Holland and Belgium and the cartels runs by the Dawes family and the Bestwood Cartel.

All roads were leading back to Nottinghamshire and southern Spain, where Rob Dawes was still holed up.

Officers began to take a closer look at the financial transactions of the gang. They found more than £8.5m going through their hands between November 2002 and June 2003. In addition, members of the gang were logged on more than 40 flights coming in and out of Malaga and Amsterdam over a two-and-a-half year period.

Arrests began to take place in 2003 and, crucially, four runners were ‘turned’, giving detailed accounts of how the Cartel operated. One told how he had been beaten senseless by John Dawes with a baseball bat on two occasions.”

People also left comments on the post’s website. Two comments are reproduced below.

“i know if any of the normal hard working people of rise park crossed gunn or his family for any reason they had their cars torched or paint thrown at their houses . so much for the loveable criminal who was such a quiet gentleman”

“I worked for a company in Notts where the Gunnies paid a visit one day and demanded protection money. My boss did not pay, why should he subsidise these low lifes, and they tried to burn the building down. The Gunny thugs were even failures at that – the fire was put out within minutes. It’s all on police records.”

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4 Responses to Hoods – Nottingham crime and the Gunn family

  1. Nick B. says:

    Positiveness alert!

    According to this article, crime in Nottingham is now on the way down!

  2. ROBIN says:

    Nick B,

    According to econometric research (going back and examining 25 years of boom and bust) carried out by Simon Field of the Home Office we should expect violence to decline in an economic recession but theft rates should go through the roof.

    Lets see if he is right.

  3. john says:

    the gunnys are babys they tried once to come even above yorkshire to boro, its a legend were all bad people but we dont toch the innocent, but they will all say we touched their lives in a remarakble way, true gangsters are gentlemen that family are scum, john delahunty, middlesbourough

  4. daryl says:

    Any 1 no owt abowt marc simson 1 of jons runner rownds?

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