Colin and David Gunn & the Bestwood cartel

The crime carried out by Colin and David Gunn and associated criminals has been in the local news again with the release of a new book Hoods which outlines these crimes.

The extracts below about the Gunn’s are from a website Police Oracle. What is perhaps most frightening is that the Gunn’s had individual police who provided them with information and who may have stolen evidence.

“The Observer has learnt that police believe one of the constables who supplied him with information, PC Charles Fletcher, was recruited by Gunn personally before he joined the police and was placed into the force as a ‘clean skin’. Fletcher and another officer were jailed for seven years and 12 months respectively..

In January 2005, just months before Gunn was arrested for organising a double murder, police intelligence on the secret operations of his feared Bestwood Cartel went missing from a car and found its way to Gunn. The intelligence provided details about the investigation into the cartel, which has been linked to at least six murders and more than 50 other shootings, and gave the names of senior officers involved in the operation. Death threats followed and some officers had to be moved from their homes while security was upgraded…

Increasingly police officers were called to incidents on the Bestwood estate where firearms had been discharged into houses as punishment shootings or individuals had been severely beaten. All the intelligence they had indicated that Colin Gunn was behind many of the incidents, but witnesses were rare…

Amid the violence, Nottingham was dubbed ‘Shottingham’ by the media; its reputation as Britain’s murder centre saw university applications drop and business leaders warn of a crisis in investment in the city.”

Follow the link below to read more.


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