Major arms company based in Nottingham

Evey kindly contacted me to alert me to the fact that a major arms company is based in Nottingham.

“Not many Nottingham residents are aware of it, but the city is home to a major multinational arms company. An anonymous warehouse on an industrial estate in Lenton is the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch – the world’s second largest manufacturer of handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and grenade launchers…

The company has shipped guns from the UK to warzones such as Bosnia[3] and Nepal[4], and has licensed its weapons for production by regimes with poor human rights records such as Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar[5]. Furthermore the company effectively evaded UK and EU export restrictions when these licensees sold H&K weapons on to conflict zones including Indonesia[6], Sri Lanka[7] and Sierra Leone[4].”

Follow the link below to read more.

2 Responses to Major arms company based in Nottingham

  1. ROF Nottingham says:

    Please tell us Nottingham residents something that we don’t already know.

    H&K employs former ROF Nottingham Staff. Of Which ROF Nottingham provided gun barrels for Iraqi T-33 and T-55 tanks in the 1980’s

    Also ROF Nottingham made the Iraqi Supergun.

    Also Boots PLC still makes mustard gas. I suggest you take a walk along the canal at the back of Boots PLC HQ at 2am in the morning, as your eyes will sting.

    Guys, I suggest you start doing some proper research…. yawn yawn yawn…..

  2. Ged Smythe says:

    In Bosnia I carried a G3A3 to escort and cover humanitarian supplies to non combatants. None of the aid workers or women and children who benefited from the aid, seemed to mind my H&K. I appreciated the fact it’s superior accuracy and range gave me the confidence to provide cover in an area full of hostile AK’s. I had the rifle deactivated and keep it to this day as I am proud of the work I did. The people protesting against H&K need top target legislators, not manufacturers, and accept humanity and nature isn’t all sweetness and nice.

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