Welcome to Yacht-ingham

Would you be happy for your taxes to be spent on a 100ft yacht moored in Cannes for 4 days? Or what about a party on a Cannes beach for 300 people? In March 2008 you paid for both of these things.

“11-14 March in Cannes on the French Riviera, Nottingham is ready to raise its profile amongst international investors and developers.

Nottingham has been allocated one of the prime moorings for its impressive yacht – ‘Powder Monkey’.. Nottingham plans on making the most of its prime location with a host of high profile events being planned onboard its 100ft Falcon yacht.

Nottingham’s delegation including Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Regeneration Limited and a number of private sector partners, will use the yacht as its base throughout its stay..

Nottingham’s ‘pièce de resistence’ will be its party on the beach for 300 guests on Tuesday 11th March. The must-see ‘Nottingham Club’ party will be held in a marquee on a section of the beach opposite the Carlton Hotel.

MIPIM (Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier) is widely regarded as the world’s leading real estate event bringing together over 26,000 key industry decision-makers from around the world.

MIPIM will provide Nottingham companies with a platform on which to promote themselves internationally under the City banner.”

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5 Responses to Welcome to Yacht-ingham

  1. ROBIN says:

    GOOD GRIEF! I think the Freedom of Information act should be used to ask what revenue this lavish “multi-millionaire wannabie” corrupt expenditure has generated?

  2. nottgirl says:

    I agree Robin. What amazes me though is that Nottingham Evening Post does not seem to have picked up on this story at the time. Local media pressure can make a real difference to how Local Authorities behave.

  3. ROBIN says:

    I blogged on this issue. Thank you for alerting us to this brazen misuse of tax payers money –

    See: http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/mallard-moustache-tony-towards-typology.html

  4. […] YachtsVia Pete S and Nottingham is Crap, earlier this year Nottingham Council hired a luxury yacht, moored at a prime spot down in Cannes, […]

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