Man jailed for blow torch raids

Liam Allsop was bailed twice in spite of continuing to commit crimes aws outlined below.

“A BURGLAR used a blow torch to break into his victims’ homes and steal their car keys. Liam Allsop was caught in possession of at least four cars after going on a “spree” of thefts, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to three years and eight months in jail.

Judge Jeremy Lea told him: “This was a serious criminal spree. This was professional because you had a blow torch to use as a means of gaining entrance.”

James Hett, prosecuting, said Allsop had bought a blow torch to help him break into properties under cover of darkness. He began by taking a Vauxhall Corsa, which had been stolen in a burglary a week before in Aspley…

A few days later he used the blow torch to break into a house in Aspley and took the keys to a Citroen C4, which was parked outside…

He was bailed, but on April 15 he tried to break into another Aspley home with the blow torch, using it on a window frame of a rear door to make the glass shatter. He failed but stole a quad bike from the back garden.

On the same night he tried and failed to get into another house in the same street. Mr Hett said on May 10 Allsop was found driving a Renault Clio, which had been taken after a break-in at a house in Basford ten days earlier.

He was again bailed, but on June 8 broke into a house in West Hallam and took another car. He admitted four counts of taking a motor vehicle, one of burglary, two of attempted burglary and the theft of a quad bike.

Mr Hett said Allsop’s offences had left his victims feeling “upset and unsettled”. He said Allsop also had a number of previous burglaries on his record.”

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