Row over top job ‘charade’ at city council

“A COUNCILLOR has branded the process to recruit a new city council chief executive as a “charade” after only seven people applied. The £185,000-a-year post is available after Michael Frater left earlier this year after a fall-out with the council leader, Coun Jon Collins.

The candidates are predominantly from district and borough councils and none have declared salaries anywhere near the one on offer for the Nottingham top job. The post is currently filled on a temporary basis by Jane Todd, who is one of the applicants.

The criticism has been refuted by the city council…Coun Sutton claims the calibre of the six external applicants is not of the required standard and no challenge to Ms Todd…

The city council has seen three chief executives leave in six years with pay-offs costing council tax payers about £500,000 in total. Mr Frater, who was considered one of the top chief executives in the country when he came to Nottingham, received £230,000.

The lack of candidates this time around, and their relatively junior rank, will come as no surprise within the world of local government.

When Mr Frater’s departure from the council was confirmed in March the Association of Local Authority Chief Executives, told the Post: “A lot of experienced chief executives will look at the fact that Michael Frater has gone and say ‘if he can’t do it, I can’t do it’. It is a huge turn-off to the most qualified candidates.”

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