The Tales of Robin Hood

I have posted about this tourist attraction before. But the description below taken from another Nottingahm blogger is so good and accurate that I just had to post this.

“We pay our £9 each and are told to wait in the lobby for the tour guide. ..

The door swings open…onto what looks like the crappiest tourist attraction I have ever seen…

You wander through underground caves while these mad dummies talk to you and each other. I couldn’t really understand what many of them were saying (did I mention it was crap)..

We get to the chairlift bit where Will Scarlet is sorting out the moving chairs out with ‘Maintenance Man’, who must’ve been one of the background Merry Men not mentioned in the story. While glory hounds Little John and Friar Tuck are out swashbuckling, Maintenance Man sits back at camp in Sherwood Forest sharpening arrows and stitching rope ladders together…

The car moves past a number of medieval scenes where the mannequins quake about like giant Action Men in the midst of a death rattle. As if that isn’t strange enough, you can actually smell the action. When you go past the fake coal fire, it smells like coal, when you go past the fake food it smells of roast dinner. Everywhere else smells of pee.

it’s very quiet…I look up and see a speaker above our heads..I poke at the speaker cover only for it to pop out of the top of the car giving me a clear view of the ceiling.

At the end of the ride, my wife asks Will if there was supposed to be any sound. He looks up at the now misaligned speaker cover and replies, ‘Yes, there was. Hmmm, go upstairs and tell them Will Scarlet says you can have a free go on the archery’. Suffice to say that when we went up to ‘the archery’, there was no-one there. I think I saw Robin Hood himself though, sitting on the bar chatting up some girls, but it could have been a tramp.”

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One Response to The Tales of Robin Hood

  1. Harold says:

    god, you are such a sad person. YOU have taken the time to write a review about the Tales of Robin Hood. You really should get a hobby or get a girlfriend because you may die a sad man if you don’t change…c’mon mate….or will we be subjected to Mansield is crap? or Nottingham is crap part2?? bless you.

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