Nottinghamshire’s Police

One of the great things about the internet are the wierd and wonderful things out there. The link below takes you to a website “dedicated to photographic memories of the police in Nottinghamshire.”

There are photos of retired police staff as well as photos and information about particular incidents or issues e.g. police boxes. There are some interesting stories and photos, so it is well worth a look. In keeping with the theme of this blog I have reproduced below extracts from an embarassing incident with a police car.

“This photo of a Mk 1 Ford Escort Panda car WRR 107M on its roof.was taken Tuesday 9th september 1975. The accident occurred at 9.45am. I was on first shift at Russell Drive Police Station and had been to do the breakfast run. I was on my way back and went over the ‘tin bridge’ which linked Wigman Road with Lambourne Drive.

As I passed the gates of Richardsons Cash & Carry the car seemed to lose control, went into a spin, rolled over one and a half turns, and ended up as in the picture. Kingswood Church was not touched but the breakfast was scattered around the floor. A typist who had watched the whole thing thought I was dead, but realised I was OK when she saw my boots poke out of the smashed drivers door window.”


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