City holds chief executive interviews

Nottingham is recruiting a new Chief Executive after losing three in six years. Harry on the letters page of Nottingham Evening Post wrote about this recruitment.

“I saw the advert is The Guardian a while back…

Role – “Yes Person” to pander to Council Leader

Key Skills

Complete inability to manage budgets.
Track record of project overspends.
Experience of loosing £42m in Icleand an advantage.
History of devising innovative ways of wasting taxpayer’s money.
Proven ability to raise Council tax annually with no dicernible improvements in service.
Must enforce Council’s role as the master of the people, not their servant.
Must pay lip service to the needs of residents.
Arrogant and “never apologise for mistakes” attitude.

Salary Package

Very Large with gold plated final salary pension courtesy of the taxpayer.
Massive payoff guaranteed if you upest Jon Collins.

Nottingham City Council is an equal opportunity employer – applications from City planners and “party” members are favoured.”

To read more follow the link below.


4 Responses to City holds chief executive interviews

  1. Robin says:


    Knowledge of purchasing entertaining on and otherwise enjoying private yachts moored in Cannes at community tax payers expense an advantage.

    Ability to create a secret cabal of businesses who will rule the city through being rewarded with government contracts that they can squander on complete social policy quackery

    Ability to know how to publish poster campaigns based upon platitudinous, punterizing propaganda essential!

    Being a big fat greedy and narcissistic liar absolutely essential!

  2. nottgirl says:


    Ability to recruit and pay consultants large sums of money with little obvious result.

    Ability to blame all negative publicity on an inaccurate reading of statistics.

  3. Robin says:


    Running the Community Safety Partnership in cahoots with lazy inept senior police officers whou care nought for the people of Nottingham while worshiping and polishing their fabicated CVs

  4. nottgirl says:


    overseeing constant reorganisations whilst promising improved services

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