Poor aftercare at City Hospital

“After a circumcision operation at the Nottingham City hospital, I had an arterial bleed which needed attention. I was left with a nurse holding my private parts to stop the bleeding. I was told I needed to go back into theatre to sort it out and I would be stopping in hospital overnight for observation.

All my clothes were covered in blood and there were no other clothes to change into. When the surgeon came back, there were no beds and no theatre time left. A pressure bandage was put on, which was very uncomfortable and, when the surgeon came back later, I was told that I could go home and return the following morning.

At around 2am, I woke up at home covered in blood, as the bandage had come out and the blood was pumping out of me. My wife made calls to the City hospital and, after a lengthy discussion, she persuaded them of the fact that I needed treatment.

My wife drove me there, but I had to walk down the corridors saturated in blood. The nurse immediately put me into a bed, which was in a storeroom annexe of the ward. I had to lie there for 1 hour before I was eventually stitched up again.

I was happy with the nursing staff because they always give 100% in any situation. But I am not happy with a system that does not take into consideration that if an operation in a Day Centre goes wrong, there is no alternative aftercare for the patient.

I felt on my own. The nursing staff were amazed that I was not panicking about the blood loss during this episode. A bed should have been found or the surgeon should have dealt with the problem before sending me home.”

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