Tales of Robin Hood may close

I have blogged before about the third rate tourist experience – Tales of Robin Hood. Now it looks as if this attraction may close.

“TROUBLED tourist attraction the Tales of Robin Hood is offering free entry to visitors from today, Saturday December 27. Chief executive Ian Walker revealed earlier this week that it was in danger of closure after struggling to meet rent costs.

Now he has announced that people can visit the city centre attraction for free until January 4.

Mr Walker said: “It’s just to give children and people who have not been before a chance to come and see it if we have to close – but we are still working on various options at the moment.”

Several people have posted their own view on the Evening Post’s website.

“This is a second rate, low rent tourist attraction that is quite frankly embarrassing. We are better off without it.”

“Come on, this is a very poor “visitor experience”. It’s really awful and tacky.”

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2 Responses to Tales of Robin Hood may close

  1. Soapsoane says:

    This tourist attraction had exactly the same problems during the last ‘recession’ will it close or won’t it…is it tacky or is it just whats needed bring Japanese tourists in?

    Such a deep, meaningful issue really….and what a foolish location! Maid Marian traffic jam….

    Relocate it in the grounds of the castle…let the people who love it develop it ….then get on with the important things…..

  2. nottgirl says:

    Although the location is not ideal; I don’t think this is the main problem. I visited Tales of Robin Hood in the summer with some relatives. I had not been there for about 13 years. It is a very very run down attraction and will always struggle to stay afloat unless there is some cash injected into the business to improve it.

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