Update on Yacht-ingham 2009

In March 2009, Nottingham City Council will once again be spending your taxes at MIPIM, an international real estate event in Cannes. They are again hiring a yacht where the events they will be running include dinners and cocktail parties. A party fo over 300 people called The Nottingham Club will be rerun.

To read more about the planned events, follow the link below.


Unlike Nottingham Evening Post, the Derby local papers have featured articles about Derby City Council attending this show in Cannes. Below is a link to a letter defending Derby City Council’s attendance.


Another defence of MIPIM


Nottingham City Council are planning to spend even more money at Cannes this year.

“For MIPIM 2009 we plan to have an even stronger presence, by increasing the number of Team Nottingham sponsorship opportunities and with even more events.”

Follow the link below to read more.


By the way the yacht hired last year for 4 days cost £14,000 in 2006.



2 Responses to Update on Yacht-ingham 2009

  1. Robin says:

    Perhaps the mendacious liar Mandelson holds the answer to this terrible crap behaviour by Nottingham City Council. Because when The Observer Newspaper’s Tim Adams (2008) asked Mandelson about those lies he told about being on that Russian Billionaires yacht some truth may have inadvertently been revealed:

    Adams asks: “What about his [Mandelson’s] own association [in scandal] though? Many of the current problems, I suggest, look like a direct result of Labour’s goggle-eyed attachment to big business, and yacht owners. Does Mandelson regret now saying that ‘ we are intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich?’

    Mandelson replies: ” I was making the point… that New Labour was not about envy and spite towards those who were well off. It was important to say it and to demonstrate it, but I always added ‘as long as people pay their taxes.'”

    So there you have it, Nottingham City Council have followed New labour’s lead as far as being seduced by yachts is concerned (which supports the Bent Society hypothesis – that shit at the top of the waterfall pollutes everything downstream) but they misunderstood the “as long as they pay taxes” bit. Because Mandelson meant so long as the millionaires pay their taxes. Nottingham city council wrongly think they are entitled to party on a 100 foot, £5 million yacht so long as Nottingham’s citizens pay their community charge taxes to fund corrupt city council officials enjoying party shenanigans on this floating gin palace. How bent is that?

  2. Harry says:

    Nottingham City Council’s penchant for wasting money even makes it into The Times today !


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