£74,000 tax payers money spent in Cannes

I have blogged before about Nottingham City Council’s expenditure on a 200ft luxury yacht at an international event in Cannes and a party for over 300 guests. Finally the wider press have caught on. Nottingham was featured in an article in the Sunday Times yesterday about junkets at the taxpayers expense.

Today the Nottingham Evening Post has published an article about this expenditure. Although “council officers stressed last year that the entertainment had been paid for by sponsors”, the Evening Post reveals that

“In 2008, total council expenditure (on attending this event) was £74,000, with sponsorship contributing a further £85,000.”

Follow the link below to read either my earlier postings on this, or to read the Nottingham Evening Post article.





3 Responses to £74,000 tax payers money spent in Cannes

  1. Robin says:

    Good that the story about this being a junket has reached a national audience – but the Sunday Times has plagiarised this blog and the blog: Bent Society for not referencing them as the source of the original criticism of Nottingham City Council in this area.

    Not only is Nottingham Crap – but so too is the Sunday Times!

  2. Robin says:

    The story is now being carried on this website for journalistic research. Be good if you could log onto it and join in the discusssion regarding your story (corruption angle on Poweder Monkey) being stolen by The Sunday Times . Link to webiste is to be found here:


  3. nottgirl says:

    Thanks Robin I will do this.

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