Message from joker of hoax urination signs

I originally posted on hoax urination signs that appeared across Nottingham telling people they can publicly urinate in the street after 7.30pm. Follow the link below to read this original post. The hoaxer has been in contact with the Nottingham Evening Post.

“A WOMAN who put up official-looking signs in Nottingham claiming that public urination was permitted has warned that she “will be back”.

In a recorded voice message to the Evening Post, a person calling herself Questionmarc, said the stunt was to remind the city there were so many pubs but no toilets after closing time.

Using a voice programme that sounds similar to the one used by eminent physicist Stephen Hawking, she also questions the use of the so-called 24-hour licensing laws.

The signs went up on walls around the city, including at the back of the Royal Concert Centre and at the bottom of Exchange Walk, before Christmas…

The full, new message from Questionmarc says: “Hello, I am responsible for the public urination signs that have been put up throughout the city.

“Why did I do it? To remind Nottingham that there are so many pubs but nowhere to p*** at shutting out time.

“Twenty-four-hour licensing laws – my a***! I go by the name of Questionmarc, spelt with a C not a K. I will be back. Merry Christmas.”

Follow the link below to read more.


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