Punchinello’s – latest victim of economic crisis

I was sorry to read that this restaurant has now closed.

“NOTTINGHAM’S oldest restaurant has shut it’s doors. Punchinello’s, at 35 Forman Street, has been a restaurant since 1890 – and Punchinello’s since 1965.

It is owned by local businessman Jim Anderson of Le Mistral Limited, which has gone into voluntary liquidation. Punchinello’s closed on December 23 making 15 people redundant.

Mr Anderson said: “The sales have just fallen off the scales over the last few months.”

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4 Responses to Punchinello’s – latest victim of economic crisis

  1. Robin says:

    Well it was prety ropey service – a bit like a bistro in the 1970’s..you were made to feel like you were lucky to be dining there. Of course the World Service is the worst offender in Nottingham for that kind of hospitality. They once trid to skank me bu serving weak coctails and placing an extra bottle of wine on the bill. I asked them to explain how these “mistakes” had occured and the garbled explanation was along the line that “This is The World Service” we don’t need to behave like that.” I told them that my observations disproved whay they purported to be the case.

    So have the Le Mistral bistro’s in Nottingham and Sherwood gone to the wall as well? If so shame…good food but same ropey service.

  2. nottgirl says:

    It was old fashioned at Punchinello’s, but I had a few nice meals there with older work colleagues. As far as I know Mistral’s is still there.

  3. Pinksy says:

    That’s a real shame. The Le Mistral restaurants are nice too – have they gone?

  4. ricky says:

    its was a good place to work when the owener ran the place, then it started going down hill when the new owner tooker making changes to the place that didnt have to be done, and tried to push the old staff out and bring some new managment and staff in,that didnt know or have a clue what they were doing they tried to make me add things to peoples bills that they didnt order in the first place just like robin said.

    it was a good place shame about the owner ship and the new so called manager

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