Poor meal at Frankie’s and Benny’s

“We used to love going to this restaurant, the food was always displayed well, it tasted wonderful, the smells were enough to make you hungry, yet more recently the food has taken a turn for the worst.

 The steak was like shoe leather, the garlic bread might as well have been dipped in melted butter for how greasy it was, the children’s macaroni cheese tasted bland and like flour, my son will eat almost anything pasta based, however he point blankly refused to touch this.

The décor is very tired and worn, I think this place has seen its best and is going through its worst…”

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One Response to Poor meal at Frankie’s and Benny’s

  1. Robin says:

    We went to La Tosca (Lace Market) for tappas on Sunday. Place used to be thriving and food was once very good. It was almost empty and the food was dire. The service was polite but depressed (I think the waitress must have been getting shot by firing squad at dawn).The potatoes were so hard we feared breaking our teeth (they took the prices of those dishes off the bill when we complained) The beer is £5 a pint. And they only serve lager – hence they rule out the preference of about 50 percent of people with taste buds who prefer fine ale.

    I had an off-stomach all day Monday.

    We are not going back. The decline of this once nice place to eat is just another example of Nottingham swirling down the toilet bowl.

    I wonder what kind of food and service they get on the Powder Monkey Yacht in Cannes? Who pays fot it again – oh yes we do.

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