Gunning for Nottingham

A website about Canada has an interesting article about Nottingham written by Oliver Hardy of The Sun.

“IT is the Midlands city famed for Robin Hood, DH Lawrence, Raleigh bikes and the man who started the Salvation Army.

Nottingham — a thriving settlement since Saxon times — also produced Brian Clough’s all-conquering football team who became champions of England and Europe in the 1970s.

But this week the city gained notoriety for topping a different league table — as the place with the worst burglary rate in Britain…

Standing beneath a battery of CCTV cameras in his newsagents and off-licence in the suburb of Lenton, Jayswinder Singh blames drugs for his home’s woes.

Pointing down Ilkeston Road he reels off a list of robberies, murders and muggings which would fill an edition of the BBC’s Crimewatch.

Dad-of-three Jayswinder, 47, says: “I’ve had two break-ins, the Co-op and the post office have been done, a policewoman was shot down the road and there have been eight or nine murders, all in the eight years I’ve run the shop.

“It’s not safe to walk around here at night. The youngsters are all out of their heads on booze and drugs. There are kids as young as seven wandering around in the evenings being abusive. Why do their parents let them?”

“Police do patrol the area on foot but I’m afraid to let my own children walk around here.”

Follow the link below to read more.


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