Lemon Tree Takeaway

Two very poor reviews for this takeaway.

“Either way, the last time (& yes, that was the last time EVER) I ordered from there every single dish was overcooked to the point that it was extremely dry (very hot though) & some dishes were completely burnt!

Useless. It also took forever for it to arrive, not sure why as they said driver was stuck in traffic but the food was so hot it was almost on fire!”

“After 1hour 10mins wait, my food arrived, the chips were sweaty and even worse had been microwaved. King prawn in Black Bean sauce- had to be microwaved as was only luke warm!

The sauce was merely a thick gravey with no black beans, no garlic or chillies. Utterly tasteless and the prawns has a dirty taste. chicken and sweetcorn soup- less than luke walm, had no taste, and there was crab stick meat in my soup! Was the worst chinese iv ever had, and certainly wasnt worth the money as it was thrown away! Please dont go and be dissapointed. i certainlt wont be returning. ”

Follow the link below to read the original reviews.



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