Put your questions to the city council

“READERS (of Nottingham Evening Post) can put their questions to the top brass at Nottingham City Council about the proposals to axe hundreds of jobs.

Leader Coun Jon Collins and chief executive Jane Todd have agreed to answer Post readers’ questions after industrial action was threatened by union members.

The council is looking to shed 350 positions in a bid to save £12m to cover a shortfall in the 2009/10 budget.”

Reproduced below are some comments/questions posted on the Posdt’s website. However, even in the short time I was on the website, some comments were removed.

“depts with huge losses due to bad management should be looked at. eg the youth service, the play service, radford community centre, issabella st. certain school organisations eg pru’s. they employ unqualified staff at vast wages. agency workers, if they are good employ them. why pay agency fees. why employ associate heads at £650 a day?”

“whilst the Council has stated that the £42M lost in Icelandic banks would not have an impact on the council as it’s not money relied on for day to day running costs, wouldn’t it be handy at times like these?”

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3 Responses to Put your questions to the city council

  1. Robin says:

    Bet they’ve been busy deleting all of the comments about squandering money on that yacht in Cannes!

    Interestingly my hairdressers mum works for the City Council and is always saying that Nottingham is Crap and ranting about the managers squandering community charge money on personal “jollies” – that serve zero legitimate purpose!

  2. nottgirl says:

    Well I can assure that I’m not your hairdressers mum! Although I am sure there are lots of people just as fed up as me about how some of our public services in Nottingham are run.

  3. barnze says:

    yet another bad move as the Tales of Robin hood closes..Mind you it was crap but it was for the tourists and not us eh?

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