Home scandal at Nottingham City Council

Shocking news about more corruption at Nottingham City Council.

“Nottingham city council has passed a report into the misallocation of council housing in Nottingham to the police…

(a) report, published today by the Audit Commission, reveals widespread abuse of the system for giving council houses to tenants in Nottingham…Its report says employees of the housing service, as well as relatives, partners and associates were given houses they should not have had.

Tens of thousands of pounds of public money was spent improving wrongly allocated houses – and some were then bought under the right-to-buy scheme and a councillor lied to help two associates obtain a house.

The report says investigators found a dysfunctional organisation, where staff did not dare question senior managers and employees ignored rules and policies.

It estimates almost 3,000 homes were either allocated outside of the normal ‘points-based’ system, or it had not been properly applied, between 2003 and 2005.”

Several comments left by readers of Nottingham Evening Post indicate that this was well known in the City Housing Department.

Major abuses of the system were known to employees of the City Housing Department years ago yet nothing was done. If certain privileged tennants demanded extra work doing these known as ***** Specials.”

“this has been going on for years along, with other fiddles that the council know about such as filling their own cars with council diesel, their gardens with council plants, and fiddling money on the embankment match day car parks, I know they know, because I wrote to tell them who and when were doing all this over 3 years ago…same culprits all have the same jobs today.”

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There is also more information available by following the link below.



4 Responses to Home scandal at Nottingham City Council

  1. Andy says:

    This one’s about Nottingham City Homes as much as the council. Have a read of the Indymedia article I’ve linked to in my post on the subject.

  2. Robin says:

    I wonder why Nottingham’s finest are not knocking the doors off of Nottingham City Couincil offices and its managers homes at 5am? Perhaps some senior police officers have tickets to party on the Powder Monkey in Cannes?

  3. Robin says:

    I blogged on this story today(http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2009/01/lord-mandelson-leads-way-in-setting.html ) , following your lead. I see Nottingham City Council LOLs blog has too.

    The police must investigate this – there are no excuses. This is the same behaviour as that conducted by organised criminals when they worm into an organisation.

  4. barnze says:

    Gangsters in the council..Jobs for the boys and a nive bit of profit from the right to buy eh..Bastards!

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