Comments on City Homes Scandal

Nottingham Evening Post has quite rightly, had a stream of angry readers leave comments about Nottingham City Council’s/City Homes council house scandal. However some of the more interesting ones are removed soon after appearing on their website. Below is a small selection.
“Theres endless more corruption than this within city council / city homes. Like how patch managers associate with known criminals.and when problems are given to them hoping for them to be resolved .nothing is done due to there friendship with them.

where we used to live.we used to see more repairs being done for our neighbour who brought there home than someone who is a city homes tenant.due to her being related to a city homes employee.

 plus it was alleged she was the niece of a councilor.(they actually had the whole heating system replaced.boiler as well,what a joke.and this is a freebee for someone who was not even a council tenant.mary, notts

cover ups where nothings done regarding ASB as the person causing the problem is employed via city tipped off via a patch manager when this person was being looked into… 

“This has been going on since at least 1986 ,Balloon woods circa 1986 people showed me thier half finished houses which they should never have had bearing in mind they already had newish houses but chose to upgrade!

i’ve seen and heard of too many cases where people were able to que jump purelly because they knew someone at the council or somebody felt sorry for them thus working outside the allocation system ,same goes for repairs make enough noise or make a friend in the council and you’ll be fine ,

this was a sure fire way to buy the council house of your choice by simply moving and using your discount to buy it ,while genuine cases had to make do ,and yes i know they left a house free but those on the list should have been given priority ,family of 3 given 3 bed house family of 5 waiting for waiting for 3 bed house.. dave, notts”

“but you think why does things slide for years before they are looked into. But with the city council / city homes usually a complaint is made and hey presto.its a promotion.

Endless complaints are made about management but they turn it round as city homes / city council cannot and will not ever take blame.”

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8 Responses to Comments on City Homes Scandal

  1. Andy says:

    I’m surprised there’s been no mention of involvement by Nottingham’s favourite crime family. Or perhaps thats what they’re alluding to.

  2. nottgirl says:

    I think it is what they are alluding, to but it is hard to tell. I’d love to have an email address for the people above to ask them more – but unfortunately this isn’t available to me.

  3. Soapsoane says:

    Has anyone considered the strategic importance and timing of the Audit?

    Nottingham City Council’s Audit Commission Report…did you know that their Chairman (not listed on their website) is:

    ….Since October 2006 their chairman has been Michael O’Higgins, who had for 10 years previously been managing partner of PA Consulting.

    Remember them?

    Now on to the strategic implications of this audit….

    mmmm council housing….weren’t there 43,500 propeties with severe problems by 2001?

    I think that you need to look at how divided Nottingham became in the eighties: how when the wholseale packaging of rented tenants into agency and shortime working and benefits for which they could be targetted for debt in court (bankruptcy for non payment of council tax or unpaid rent because of sloooowwwed down or part payments of unemployment benefits or council tax benefits), made them what we now so easily term:


    … Add sub prime marketing to the mix and then consider how the anarchy in the Housing Service might easily became a silo strategy…simply because the service knew that noone was keeping watch on the real national value of these assets…

    No Ruth Watson working with Channel 4 to go into these estates and prove to their tenants that these properties are worth saving…

    … think about how the wider council service became acculturated to being embarrassed and shamed by council housing, shamed by the housing benefit and council tax benefit bills… in the big drive to attract Capital One and big business investment, that there were people who didn’t have the capacity to be part of the Brave New World…

    To understand the environment think about this situation in terms of how afraid older housing professionals who’d bought into Thatcherism politically but yet had all the expertise in allocating council housing in the old but questionable ways…

    Did they all watch what was happening at Nottingham City Homes all the way through, did the senior management at Nottingham City Homes know they were being watched…did they know that their time was numbered?

    It’s the old cat and mouse that we talk about….

    Think about how the ‘all white council housing estates’ were created…that most black and ethnic minority citizens in Nottingham in the 50s, 60’s and 70’s had to band together to get (expensive) mortgages because there was absolutely no chance that they’d have a chance to get council housing…

    And although labour weren’t going to do anything that would undermine the influence of the market when they came to power in 97, they did try to go into the inner cities with the New Deal.

    But the (mainly mature men), who used to have control of housing, now had jobs and positions (but in quangoes because of the contracted out culture), still felt ambivalent about giving up the ideals of what service should be and saw the New Deal democracy and the encroachement of minorities on their ground as sacriligious.

    Think about how they sought to position themselves to ensure that Labour’s changes would have no effect.

    I think that in Nottingham it’s the two issues of the massive neglect of housing and the strategic maladminstration of New Deal that’s the real issue here.

    Think about what has happened to Nottingham’s Council housing in terms of a real war against democracy and fairness by a group of people who, on principle, do not want a meritocracy to succeed…

    Think about New Deal. This was the inner city ground that could nurture inclusiveness and real opportunity in Nottingham. Not just giving more to the already haves….the Nottingham Post, Capital One etc….

    Think about its economic impact without real support by the council to promote the importance of council and social housing.

    Consider how all the key appointments in the New Deal structures were not really integrated into the appointment process you would expect in democratic organisations…think about how all the key supplier and contractor appointments bled those projects dry….and then the ‘Chief Exectives’ of these organisations were humoured until they could be rumoured and some maladminstration or biographical misdemeanour could result in their disgrace and removal…

    The Nottingham City Homes ‘scandal’ doesn’t really go far enough into the real reasons why Nottingham needs democracy really badly…

    There are definitely two Nottinghams because of the ideological need to pretend council housing is inferior and unimportant.

    During the last twenty years, all the hard working council employees began to believe that they all could and should make a million…. either in part-time businesses that they ran from their council posts or at the casino at night….

    Renting and council housing, service and just a straightforward, non acquisitive way of life was, well…such a ‘chavvy’ no no…

    Forgotten Nottingham …

  4. Robin says:

    So organised criminals have inserted “clean skins” criminals within Nottinghamshire Constabulary as corrupt police officers who tip off criminals when locals complain about them… now we have accusations of the same thing happing within the City Council. It seems our police are holding back from getting in their and turning this criminal organisation upside down? Why is that? Where is the police investigation into what is clearly organised crime?

  5. Robin says:


    I added comments on the crime sats post below. Feel free to make those comments part of a blog post if you wish.

    Shame the software is uselss and shame it does not include fraud and corruption figures for Nottingham City Council!

  6. joy.notts says:

    i have just experienced firsthand how corrupt housing patch managers can be.people in the clifton area too could get set up and lose everything youve worked for.

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  8. Peter says:

    Nottingham city homes is a corrupt organisation who allows drug use in thier premises which causes harm to the community.
    When reported drug use in the neighbourhood where NCH terms and conditions state drug use is in breach of tenancy and eviction should take place promptly, but they continue to support drug users in thier premises and state we cannot evict unless police action is brought against them. What is the point NCH having terms and conditions if they continue ignore them. What a joke Organisation run by a bunch of muppets

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