Buwell Golf Course

Below is an intriguing comment left on Nottingham Evening Post’s website in response to Nottingham City Council redundancies. It has since been removed.

The Council’s present day’s use of public money on a Bulwell golf course is around one million of public money ploughed into your Council’s preferred partner, the millionaire owner of the Jack Barker Golf Company. This is being kept quiet too.”

So I did some research to find out if these allegations are true.

One of the documents I came across was a paper on the internet clearly marked confidental!  It basically says that Nottingham City Council is handing over Bulwell Golf Course to the private company Jack Barker Golf Company for a lease of 30 years along with a contribution to grounds maintenance, and the money generated from selling the site’s existing clubhouse, stewards house and car park for development.

In return the Jack Barker Golf Company have to improve the golf course, fit out and furnish a new clubhouse and deliver a programme to encourage young people to become involved in golf.

A budget in the paper estimates that the maintenance costs for the Jack Barker Golf Company, taking into account Nottingham City Council’s contribution, and the current level of deficit in operating costs (the difference between income from golfers fees and costs of running) will be £13,025.

However, the paper also says that golfers have been charged well below the going rate and it recognises that Jack Barker Golf Company will be increasing the charges. Rent for the Jack Barker Golf Company has been set at a measly £10,000 a year, although there is some vague guff about how they will increase as income from the golf site increases.

So this means a private golf company has been given a public golf course for 30 years, a contribution from the City Council to help improve it, and some fianncial support with grounds maintenance every year…all for a rent of £10,000 a year.

Follow the link below to read more in this confidential document.


One Response to Buwell Golf Course

  1. Do you think that this might apply to how all the privately owned golf clubs across the county help the young and disadvantaged?

    I wonder if their family members also run all the privately run care institutions that may be located nearby…

    Anyone for monopoly?

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