Graffiti artist hoaxer strikes again in Nottingham

“A GRAFFITI artist has called into question Nottingham’s love for the legend Robin Hood.

A silhouette of Robin Hood, complete with a walking stick, has appeared just yards away from the statue in his honour near Nottingham Castle. The artist has also penned a poem inspired by the closure of  The Tales of Robin Hood tourist attraction.

Both have appeared on the side and front of a building next to the Lace Centre, in Castle Gate.

The artist behind the graffiti is claiming to be ‘Questionmarc’ –- the same person who last month put up official-looking signs in Nottingham stating that public urination was permitted.”On a dedicated website, called , the artist explained the reasoning for the latest stunt.

Questionmarc, who is thought to be a woman, said: “Visit Nottingham where you can look at a castle that’s not really a castle, stand outside museums that shut down years ago and have your picture taken with a broken statue of Robin Hood.”

The poem, entitled ‘Robin Who?’ reads: “Nottingham, Nottingham how we love thee.

The land of legends and mystery.

But the pilgrims here have nothing to see.

No Robin Hood and nowhere to pee.”


8 Responses to Graffiti artist hoaxer strikes again in Nottingham

  1. Nick B. says:

    All we have left now is the audio trail. Oh, and I bet the artist’s name isn’t Molly Marcelle either…

  2. barnze says:

    I quite like the stuff on the website.

  3. nottgirl says:

    I agree with you barnze.

  4. barnze says:

    I know that graffiti is not looked on as art in most circles but some of it is bob on, Like someone siad ” i don’t know much about art but i know what i like”.

  5. nottgirl says:

    I haven’t got much time for a lot of graffiti art – I think most of it looks to much like vandalism and as a result creates a scary and uncared for atmosphere. However, I think this is very different. Its a fun and innovative way of getting your views across.

  6. Pinksy says:

    forgo to tick the follow up box…

  7. nottgirl says:

    Thanks for this Pinksy. I see that was only created on the 24th of December 2008.

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