Notts Police ‘under-report’ violent crime

“NOTTS Police are one of 18 forces found to have under-reported the amount of serious violent crime.

The errors came to light last October when quarterly crime figures for the 43 forces in England and Wales were published.

It saw the number of serious violent crimes nationally jump by 22% from the previous year.”

Read the original story by following the link below.


2 Responses to Notts Police ‘under-report’ violent crime

  1. Robin says:

    This is very likely to be snakey Home Office practice. We are in a new recession and that means that theft levels will now rise and violent crimes (overall) go down. If they now get violent crime figures up as high as they possbily can then they will claim that the Government is responsible for a huge fall that would have happened regardless…. they need to do this because they will be crucified this year when the tehft figures are sky high. See our blog on it here:

  2. nottgirl says:

    Sounds like the kind of thing that happens regularly in local authorities. They announce big cuts knowing full well that they are exagerrating the levels. Predicatable howls of outrage. They review the decisions and magically the cuts are not quite as large as first mooted.

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