More on police corruption


Allegations have been made that two violent criminals who caused chaos in Nottingham, were under Scotland Yard protection.

“Eton Green and Delroy Denton were two violent criminals from Jamaica. While on the run they were embraced by Scotland Yard who protected them in return for information on drug dealers.

Under Scotland Yard’s protection, Green and Denton went on a crime spree, terrorising the black community in London and Nottingham. Drugs and firearms charges and charges of the rape of a minor were dropped.

But in 1995, while under Yard protection, Denton “raped and murdered a young Brixton mother of two. Marcia Lawes was stabbed 20 times during a frenzied sexual assault.”

Green, who was also under police protection, organised serious crimes, robbing 150 people at a Nottingham nightclub at gunpoint. ”

Follow the link below to read the original story.


2 Responses to More on police corruption

  1. Andy says:

    There’s quite a bit on Eaton Green in the ‘Hoods’ book. Pretty shocking stuff, the Met’s behaviour was scandalous.

  2. nottgirl says:

    I haven’t read this book yet – I must do so. Although the stuff I have read about the Met’s behaviour has been scandalous.

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