Students occupy university

Some of you may remember in the dim and distant past, students occupying universities in protest of political situations in other countries. I certainly remember the student union debates and clauses that were adopted to condemn apartheid in South Africa and oppression around the world. Not that it made a blind bit of difference of course.

I thought those days were gone, but apparently not. Students at Nottingham University have been occupying a lecture theatre since last night as part of a protest “in solidarity with the people in Gaza.”

Students are demanding “a statement from the university condemning Israel’s recent military actions, academic and financial support for Palestinian students, and an institutional ban on purchasing the products of companies involved in the conflict.”

This follows an earlier protest by PalSoc that involved placing a wooden wall in the middle of a footpath used by students.

To read more follow the link below.


2 Responses to Students occupy university

  1. There is a rumour that student sit ins are judged to increase the quality of the student body in subsequent years. This was said to have happened to Berkley in the USA following the anti-Vietnam war protests. The VC at Nottingham Trent University is leading, therefore, a sit-in in the student bar of Nottingham Trent University on Sherwood Street…to protest against blog sites that criticise Nottingham.

  2. nottgirl says:

    Ha ha…

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