Workplace parking levy

I know many people aren’t convinced about Nottingham City Council’s plan, but from the post below it appears that some people outside of Nottingham are also not convinced.

“Lobbydog wants to see MPs on the Transport Committee push Nottingham City Council on their plans to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy today.

The proposals would see 500 firms in central Nottingham paying £185 a year per parking space they provide for employees, rising to £350 in 2014.

At a time when firms are being pushed to the brink by the downturn and as councils could soon get the power to bump up business rates anyway, it’s a prickly subject.

If the levy means less traffic, better transport, and no harm to the economy then great. But I need to see the plan stand up to proper public scrutiny before I’m convinced.”

To read the original post follow the link below.


3 Responses to Workplace parking levy

  1. I don’t get it. The big transport problem in Nottingham is the number of too-big, dangerously driven, for the most part empty smoking buses everywhere…and the taxis endlessley peeping their bloody horns and ticking over their polluting diesel engines all the time they are waiting for customers.

  2. Robin says:

    Nottgirl: see today’s BS blog: are quoted on it. What do you think?

  3. nottgirl says:

    I agree it would be great to have criminologists sitting on community safety partnerships. Although for the record I don’t actually sit on this partnership. There are many bodies that give out regeneration money, some of which I have involvement in.

    In terms of buses, I have been told that City Transport’s buses are tested regularly for emissions and that most buses in Nottingham have very low emissions – don’t know if this is true? Agree about taxis though.

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