More on housing scandal

I have already blogged about this housing scandal at Nottingham City Homes, but the extract below gives some more detail of what actually happened.

“In one case staff allocated a property to an employee they line-managed ‘ahead of a significant number of other more needy applicants’, the report states…

In some cases properties allocated outside the normal waiting list system were given high-cost repairs before later being sold at a discount under the right to buy. In many cases it was likely people were given tenancies sooner than they should have been or tenancies which should have gone to tenants with greater housing need.”

A housing applicant, who was the partner of a housing officer, was allocated two properties in turn, when the evidence indicates that there was no urgent need.

‘Our evidence suggests that the tenant never lived at the first property. It was only after our enquiries began, two years after the tenancy started, that she moved into the second property.

‘Considerable renovation works were carried out at the first property. These were arranged by the housing service’s head office, outside of normal procedures. Staff stated that they were aware of this, but felt unable to raise questions.’

Up to 2,700 social housing allocations in Nottingham made in either manual offers by officers or where the points system was not correctly applied.

April 2005
ALMO Nottingham City Homes set up.

November 2005
Chris Burnell, vice-chair of NCH, is suspended during an internal investigation into allocations policy, just days after the resignation of director of operations Tyron Brown.

March 2006
Internal investigation alleges Mr Brown made a ‘misguided’ decision to grant Mr Burnell a larger home. NCH given one star by the Audit Commission.

July 2006
NCH chief executive leaves by mutual consent. Troubleshooter David Hucker drafted in to run the ALMO.

February 2007
Chris Langstaff arrives from high performing ALMO Hounslow Homes to take over as chief executive.

January 2009
Audit Commission publishes damning report into council housing allocations between 2003 and 2005


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