Broken jaw in student attack

“A STUDENT in his first week at university had his jaw broken in three places in an attempted mugging.

Max Driffield had to have surgery and was forced to defer his course for a year after he was attacked by Joshua Symington, 17. Nottingham Crown Court heard Symington hit Mr Driffield twice after he refused to hand over his mobile phone on October 13 last year.

The attack happened in Green Lane, Clifton, when Mr Driffield, who was out with a friend, saw three youths coming towards them. One of them was Symington.

Jim Metcalf, prosecuting, said: “Symington approached the two students and demanded their mobile phones.”They said they didn’t have any but were told to empty their pockets. He repeated his demand that Max Driffield hand over his phone. He said no. This prompted Symington to punch him before rejoining the other two youths and cycling off.”

Mr Metcalf said Mr Driffield was left in considerable pain.”

Follow the link below to read the original story.


3 Responses to Broken jaw in student attack

  1. crimereduction says:

    And what of CCTV. If the student on being asked for his phone by the mugger were to take the initiative and punch him twice in the face before he was harmed himself what would that look like in a court of law?

    Makes you think…CCTV…is it protecting criminals from getting a fat lip? These lanky spotty leary kids wear hoods and caps so the CCTV does not identify them – but you can bet they’d want to be identified and press charges against me if I broke thier greedy stupid jaws for having the nerve to ask me for my phone.

  2. Aaron says:

    Nasty nasty attack….I cant stand liars and thieves…mostly thieves.

    On a lighter note….’crimereduction’….i gotta say…your comment – well said…but HILARIOUS – FAT LIP? Haven’t heard that phrase for years! Fantastic!

  3. Robin says:


    Me neither come to think of it. Well written Crimereduction. We should brink it back into circulation.

    Remember the term “mouse above the eye” or just “mouse” for the swelling above an eye caused by getting thumped?

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