Two very bad reviews for this takeaway are below.

“The food took an hour an a half to arrive (when the retailer is only a 10 minute drive at most).

On calling to chase the order we were told that the driver was running late due to traffic as there was a fair on (the fair was nowhere near & was certainly not in between the retailer & our address)!

The delivery driver called to check our address & on confirming said that he was outside, so we went outside & he was nowhere to be seen! He turned up 10 minutes later…”

“All of the food arrived stone cold. The chips were soggy & had somehow squidged together to become one vaguely chip-like ball. The chicken was dry & had barely any meat on it -it had very obviously been re-heated either over & over or was very, VERY old.

Either way, the entire order was completely inedible, & quite possibly dangerous to our health, hence us having no choice but to throw the entire order away, making sure we also kept our cat from eating any too as it didn’t even look fit for an animal to eat!

Quite possibly the WORST takeaway we have ever seen…& we have seen alot of bad takeaway food in our time!

Order from Padrino’s at your own risk!”

Follow the link below to read the original reviews.


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