Gang culture memorials

I had posted an extract from an article on Bent Society about the memorials left as a response to the killing of Liam Munn. The extract had alleged that the type of memorials left demonstrated a link to gang culture.

There were a number of comments left from people who obviously knew Liam saying quite clearly that these memorials were not evidence of gang culture. There were also several comments left that made it clear the commentator looked down on anyone who was poor.

All of this made me uneasy and as a result I have deleted the post and the comments. For information I don’t moderate comments and in the past have only deleted comments if it is clear that they are spam.

I am sorry for any offence the previous posting caused.


10 Responses to Gang culture memorials

  1. Robin says:

    They have no idea that the symbols they adopted ARE gang symbols. They are living in a sad state of ignorant false consiousness. Liam may not have been a gang member but that is not the point. Act of criminal damage – marker pen graffiti everywhere and hanging plimsoles are symbols of gangculture. And what of the “fallen soldier” comments? He was not a soldier – but that’s what gang mambers cal each other.

    Let me say I am sorry that this young man was killed but that does not give those who grieved him the right to taint our city with symbols of drug dealing gang culture and write graffiti everywhere.

  2. Bex says:


    Thank you.


  3. MidlandsMan says:

    OH dear sounds like the people complaing that there is no gang culture ganged up on you and silenced you. How sadly ironmoronic.

    Yes I just made that word up – becasue I could not think of any other in our language to neatly sum this pathetic nonsense up.

    Like Robin I too feel deeply sadened that yet another young man dies a violent death on our streets in Brtain. But I’ll not stoop too swallow this lowest common denominator stupidity from a bunch of kids who don’t know they’ve been brainwashed by MTV.

    Don’t even get me started on Jade Goodey – now being paid to be filmed dying (sad also) but she is famous only because she is a brainless loud mouthed – get yer tits out for the boys on Big Brother – fat stupid chav! She has zero talent and done zero in this world to improve it personally. And I wouldn’t count the fact that young girls are now getting smear tests more often – because getting cancer and being in the public eye and getting paid for being a moron don’t count… the newspapers and media raised the awareness.

    The point of this rant? The morons who think gang symboism is not gang symbolism have been made brain dead by brain dead tv…same as Jade Goody

    Good God – teach them some morals…it will actually make them happy.

  4. nottgirl says:

    I did not delete the post because I felt ‘ganged up’ on. The original post from Bent Society said that comments and artefacts left as a shrine to Liam, were signs of gang culture. The post also implied that this meant Liam was in a gang himself.

    A number of people posted saying that Liam was not in a gang and was in fact an innocent victim. I weighed up these comments against the article from Bent Society and decided that there was no evidence to show Liam was in a gang.

    It may be that young people are indeed adopting gang symbolism to mourn their friend and a posting on this would be interesting.

    Blogs and the internet are used far too much to throw hate and vitroil at easy targets in the public eye. I do not want to condone this culture.

    In reference to Jane Goody, yes she is not particularly intelligent and has no discernible talent. However, in the grand scheme of things I think Jade does not deserve the criticism she attracts.

    Save your anger for individuals such as Councillor John Collins who continues to run Nottingham City Council into the ground. Or the many other MP’s and senior public and private sector officers who have abused their position, fiddled expenses or made life difficult for ordinary people.

  5. Robin says:

    Nottgirl – For the record. The mourning of a young man with a shrine adorned with gang symbolism and references to him being a “fallen soldier” does indeed imply that he was in a gang. That’s what we blogged on. We did write that “he may not have been in a gang – we don’t know”.
    I agree – it’s the public dumping of gang symbolism right in the middle of our city centre (and leaving it untouched for a week) that is disgraceful and does need to be researched.

    Re Jane Goodey I agree with you but also get where MidlandsMan is coming from.. But his vitriol needs to be heaped upon the media for creating a culture where young people are beginning to expect fame for being themselves “it” boys and girls famous for just “being” – whether that’s wanting to be Paris Hilton (or her British best friend) of Jane Goodey or whatever else.

    Whatever happened to wanting to be a good person – quietly doing good things, respected by people who know and trust you? A provider, a good friend and loyal partner. Someone who can be relied upon day in day out – come crisis, emergency or regular stuff?
    The pursuit of celebrity and wealth without work or talent is behind gang culture. Think of the lazy and greedy bully boy Krays back in the 1960’s wanting to be famous and how that mindset has become infectious inall of our cities now.

  6. guy says:

    i think its disgusting that people are sitting here debating on gang symbols when none of you know what your talking about, let me lay some facts down for you gang culture changes from city to city from culture to culture and from country to country. so therefore none of you can sit down and say because there are signs saying fallen soldier it is immediatly a gang symbol when the reality of it is fallen soldier is a song about people who have died and i know people who are not in gangs who are in big ceo jobs who call each other the likes of bro bruv cuz cuzzy and loads of other words the same way i call my friends my boys, or the man dem but yet none of us are in gangs, so the reaon there is signs saying fallen soldier is showing a respect of that a man has died nothing to do with gangs or violence so leave it alone people gosh

  7. zashii says:

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  8. zashii says:

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  9. shanzii says:

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